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ON ECONOMICS: is a video with me explaining how economics work. This video was made when I was 36 years old, less than half my current 78 years (2019) This website explains my radical taxreform that will eliminate all the current over 30,000 taxes that currently destroy the United States economy. The loss of tax income from the 30,000 taxing agencies will be replaced by a single new tax that will generate more income than the 30,000 eliminated taxes combined. From that new tax income all the 30,000 Governments will be funded.  No person or business will pay this new tax because it is an indirect inflationtax. I will explain. 

and that eliminates all the stupid  This amazing new tax will not be The one tax that will remain is the inflation tax that is currently  af thethereplaces the retaxes at all levels of government jurisdictions and replaces the revenue from taxes by creating money out of thin air such as has been done by the Federal Reserve for over 100 years. The Federal Reserve will be transferred to "We the People" and the very simple task of creating money out of thin air will be done by the Department of the Treasury.  Alf Temme devoted many years of research and work to eventually create a tax reform proposal that would boost the economy and unburden the general public from the idiotic income tax codes of most countries (75,000 pages of IRS tax code in the United States) and it will also eliminate the 30,000 taxes at State, County, City and Local levels. What a relief it will be for all of us who currently have to suffer the insanity of taxation. Best of all will be the booming economy that will result from the elimination of all these crazy taxes. Why and how will the elimination of all these 30,000 taxes create a booming economy? a website describing exercise equipment that would be a major solution toward reforming health care, the development and manufacture of which Alf Temme has been instrumental in. Considered far too expensive for the average consumer, but turns out to be the least expensive and most effective health insurance plan for every family or every individual. Extremely high quality that has endured over 20 years in health club use. Over 90% go to private homes. is a website that explains why GREED is to be held in higher esteem because it is the primary driving force toward a prosperous economy. Just another one of Alf Temme's controversial hypotheses. is a website that explains the workings of a law of nature as defined by Alf Temme. is a website that explains why WAR is to be held in higher esteem than it is because it is likely the most important factor that drives progress in the development of mankind. Sounds crazy but read about it and see what you think. is a website dealing with the special interests-corruption of the domain registration process and domain property rights. The site deals with "domain squatting" and "typo squatting". During the Clinton administration large corporations were able to persuade congress to pass legislation that now is in conflict with Supreme Court rulings about the permitted use of domain names in diverting of initial interest and the matter of "confusion". On this website Alf describes the corrupt process of domain name dispute arbitration and how ICANN has accommodated this corrupt process by its rules and regulations relating to domain name registration. Alf Temme has been involved in several domain name dispute resolution procedures and has lost every one of them (that will hopefully change). The correction of the injustice in the ICANN rules and the injustice in US laws governing domain name registration and domain name use will be addressed by Alf Temme as time permits. is a website that has many links to YouTube videos on it that deal with economics and politics and the special banking interests that have a vicegrip on all modern economies. is a website proposing to end the current recession or for that matter any recession in record time . is an other version of the same recession ending proposals but with more specific instructions. The cost of ending the recession in under 12 months would be $1.8 TRILLION and that would be a bargain as compared what the fumblers in Washington D.C. will do. They will make this recession last another 5 years with a yearly cost of $1.5 TRILLION added to the National Debt for each of the 5 years and that would be a cost of $7.5 TRILLION. Preventing and curing illness is not allowed in the United States because it would totally destroy the business model of the Illness Industry (most call it Health Care Industry, which of course it is absolutely not). The solution to counteract the deteriorating health in all industrialized countries is of course prevention of illness. All people must learn how to prevent illness for themselves and their families. They must also learn how to cure illness themselves without subjecting themselves to the Illness Industry and the powerful Pharmaceutical pill-pushers. The Federal Government and all governments at lower levels of jurisdiction should be responcible to teach the population how to prevent illness and these governments should create the conditions that promote health. Sadly the Illness Industry has partnered with the governments to strengthen their monopolies in the Illness business, where these governments have deliberately created the conditions for more illness by delivering drinking water that is not drinkable and have facilitated the production of processed food with preservatives and GMO grown food that has low nutritional value. The main burocracie that promotes illness and suppresses health is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA will approve all manner of pharmaceutical products that have undergone millions of dollars worth of testing but are known to be very detrimental to health or only mask the symptoms of illness and cure nothing. The FDA will raid and close down the clinics of alternative doctors that have demonstrated effective cures for certain illnesses. Alternative and often inexpensive cures are damaging to the profit of the Illness Industry and big Pharma, so they will be run out of business by the FDA. Things are so blatantly obvious with the corruption by the FDA, that it might be beneficial to look into all the things that the FDA is against and to stay away from many things the FDA approves of (including all those poisonous medicines that are FDA approved).